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Ethics of Plagiarism Allegations

TL:DR I was wrongly accused of plagiarism, but the accuser has privately admitted their mistake. Due to the lack of a public retraction, I am compelled to clarify the situation myself. Overview In the spirit of transparency within our community, I am...

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Let me break your mind, DFIR.

TL:DR (too long; didn't read) The DFIR Investigative Mindset book is available on Amazon now at  The book launch ended on Day 2 with 400 copies sold in the book launch, with an additional 1,279 copies ordered from A...

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"DFIR Investigative Mindset" Release Hits a Snag - Here's What's Up

So, you've been counting down the days until you could get your hands on "DFIR Investigative Mindset," right? March 22 was marked in your calendar, and if you've been wondering why you can't purchase what's intended to be a must-read in the digital f...

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