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There is no censorship because I haven’t seen it.

Today, I posted on social media that my posts about not being censored were not censored. Obviously, the posts were not (yet) censored. But if they had been censored, no one would have ever known. That was the point of the posts. {source}<blockquo...

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There are Only Two things That set you Apart from Another DFIR Practitioner

Two things that set you apart from other practitioners are (1) what you know and (2) what you can do. In this litigious world where courts (and corporations regarding internal matters) rule on evidence, the rulings are usually based on a “perso...

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When Being Self-Taught Goes Wrong

I had an interesting discussion with a highly educated and self-proclaimed computer-literate professional on the process to dedupe emails.  The interesting part is that I couldn’t believe what I was hearing about his process on how to dedu...

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