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Well, I didn’t see that coming…

  If you want to be entertained, block out 5 minutes of your time at 9am (PDT) on Friday, June 11th, to see how something so simple as asking for public records turned into a major cluster. I’ll be giving comments in an Open Public Meeting...

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Aren’t we neglecting something in DFIR?

The technical piece of DFIR is not difficult. If you know what you are looking for, and you know how to find it, the work is actually easy. I do not say this to mean that anyone off the street can do this work without training or education. I mean th...

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The forensic process begins before processing forensics begins

I was asked an age-old question via a Twitter DM today: "Should I pull the plug or image live?" I thought this was a rhetorical or 'homework' question, because how would I know?  I gave a short answer of it depends on this and that, assuming tha...

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