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When OSINT is turned into the Baseball Bat of Internet Mob Justice

We are of a curious mind, we the forensic examiners, private investigators, OSINT professionals, and journalists. Our work is for the public good, and we are skilled in the effective wielding of the most powerful weapon on the planet: INFORMATION! We...

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I took a look at Instagram's Terms of Service so that you won't have to.

Who really reads the Terms of Service anyway? Are EULAs and TOSs intentionally designed as multi-page, single-spaced, 4 font, legalized writing to confuse users or simply to dissuade users from reading past the first paragraph? A few highlights from ...

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White Paper: The Susceptibility of Interconnected Devices in a Global Concept as Surveillance Affects the Consumer-user

I read an article that China used technology to spy on users via their phones (  Here is my white paper analysis. #1 - ...

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