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WinFE "Lite"

Colin Ramsden has developed WinFE Lite, a build of WinFE that will run with a minimal amount of RAM (256MB).  WinFE Lite is a very solid build and is detailed on Colin's website ( his site, you will find everything need...

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Winbuilder Tutorial

Check it out, the best and easiest tutorial I've seen on using Winbuilder.  Just add the forensic write protect script and that's it. You can customize as you see fit.Colin Ramsden is working on some really neat changes...

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For those that still haven't tried WinFE....

If you still haven't decided to download it and try it, here is a QuickStart Guide to show only what you need to get going.[scribd id=91022843 key=key-13pbj0h95qsj4sio15zu mode=list]

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