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WinFE Script Updated

Colin's Write Protect Script (wp.script) is available, but still considered Beta (and as with any forensic utility, test - test - test).  You can download today's version here.  wp.script.  To make sure you get the most recent version after today, do...

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Colin's Write Protect Application

Here it is, Colin Ramsden's WinFE write protect application! Although long in waiting, it is finally here.   Colin worked diligently on making this work without making Microsoft unhappy.  Documentation is forthcoming on the use of his application, bu...

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Building your WinFE Update

For those that have been using WinFE and wanting to know about recent updates, I have only a little news to mention.    WinFE is still just as good today as when Troy Larson first created it, so not much in the update area there.  WinFE still boots t...

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