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WinFE as a Student Training Aid

And yet another use for WinFE. This year, at the University of Washington's Digital Forensics Certificate Program, I am having each student create their own Windows Forensic Environment with as many forensic applications as we can fit on a USB drive....

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WinBuilder-What a neat way to make a WinFE CD

I came across WinBuilder today (, which provides downloads to a GUI based, Windows Live CD builder.  I'm willing to try anything, so I gave it a whirl and was happy I did.With WinBuilder, many of the functions of Window...

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Follow up: Windows FE and Live Forensic Triage

For anyone that missed this WinFE webinar-""...I did view it today.  The WinFE discussion started about 30 minutes into the webinar, and only lasted for about 10 minutes.   Fortunately, th...

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