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There I was, just getting ready for work....

I sometimes carried up to 10 cell phones at one time for work. Each phone had its own purpose. One or two of these phones were used for case calling criminal targets in one country. Another phone was used to call another target in a different country...

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The spark of a book

I believe that most every book begins by seizing upon the spark of an idea before the idea fades.  This book, the one that Mark Spencer and I are writing, is no different. But first, let me give credit where credit is due, for I will never take ...

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That sliver of space between first and second place in the DFIR space

TL:DR The difference in skill and knowledge between the very best and everyone else is small but requires so much effort to obtain that most people don’t even try or quit trying. This post is intended to kick you in your butt.   A little bit mor...

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