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I lived a double life.

I lived a double life for a decade. I have now been away from that life for more than a decade and feel (a little) more comfortable talking about it. Not long after I left military service, I went to work as a patrol officer in a suburb of Seattle. W...

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There is no censorship because I haven’t seen it.

Today, I posted on social media that my posts about not being censored were not censored. Obviously, the posts were not (yet) censored. But if they had been censored, no one would have ever known. That was the point of the posts. {source}<blockquo...

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What is the best way to get to Spokane from Seattle?

Stand by, here comes my opinion on forensic tools (software and hardware) I tend to prefer having the option to pick among a large selection of tools to be highly specific in solving problems. The fewer options I have, the more likely I will be doing...

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