Let me get something out of the way: X-Ways Forensics (XWF) is not the only forensic suite I use. It just happens to be one that I use a lot, and I like it a lot. I also like plenty of other forensic suites, but XWF is my go-to, especially for deep dive forensics.

To help me learn XWF, I wrote a QuickStart Guide, a book (with Eric Zimmerman), created an online course, and most recently a Cheat Sheet (or cheat-booklet..).  All of these things helped me learn XWF enough to really exploit XWF to my potential. There are certainly more uses of XWF that I haven’t come across yet and aren’t documented either.  I'm always looking for the undocumented features of any tool.

Here is what I gathered on the demand for the past XWF material that I have created. The QuickStart guide has been downloaded well over 10K+.  The Cheat Sheet reached over 3K downloads in just a few days.  The book has sold thousands of copies. And the online course recently reached over 2K registrations. 

So, what is next with you, me, and XWF?

The current XWF online course will stop taking new registrations at the end of September 2018 and eventually be taken offline by the end of 2018.  A new course will be published in October that will be a supplement to what you have learned with the XWF online course. The new course is……

The new XWF course is unlike the online XWF course, in both presentation and material.  Since it is not a basic usage of XWF, I am only opening the course to those who have taken the basic XWF course, since you’re going to have to know the basics of XWF to take advantage of 101+ Tips & Tricks of X-Ways Forensics. There will be fewer explanations of XWF since the topics will be straight to the point of demonstrating more than 101 tips & tricks.

For those who have taken the current XWF online course, you can expect an email when 101+ Tips & Tricks with X-Ways Forensics opens up in October (if you haven’t unsubscribed from your course emails). Course registration will be $150, but as usual, the first weeks will have a promotion for early registrations.  And as usual, completion of the course earns you a printable certificate (not a certification, but validation that you completed the course as proof of professional education and training hours). 

*  If your access to the online XWF course has expired, you will still receive an invite if you did not opt out of course emails.

*  If you unsubscribed from course emails, email me directly so that I can put you on the notification email list (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

*  IMPORTANT!  If you have not taken the X-Ways Forensics Practitioner’s Online course, you will not receive an invite, which is by design as the new course will be fast-paced and builds on the practitioner's course.  But if you want an invite and haven't taken the online course yet, you can sneak into the X-Ways Forensics Practitioner's Guide Online course now at a half price of $29.99.