The short version:

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The longer story:

One of the most useful things I made for the 101+ Tips & Tricks X-Ways Forensics course was the Ultimate DFIR Cheats! X-Ways Forensics ebook.  This is a 118-page book that is a free ebook download in the course, or you can buy the same book in print at This book is the most comprehensive book of cheats for X-Ways Forensics written!

There are easy to follow charts and tables describing the 3-state checkboxes, all the ways to add evidence (plus the shortcuts), and more. This is not a book on “how to do forensics” and it is not a 2nd edition of the X-Ways Forensic Practitioner’s Guide. It a huge collection of cheats, tips, & tricks!

So, you can buy the print book on Amazon or better yet, get the ebook free as part of supporting DFIR Training on Patreon at  This is also the only way to access the 101+  Tips & Tricks for X-Ways Forensics course, which given everything else you can get (X-Ways Forensics Practitioner's Guide online course, Placing the Suspect Behind the Keyboard course, Windows Forensic Environment course, DFIR Case Study series, and more), makes this a pretty good deal.