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Windows 8 and WinFE

Just when you thought WinFE development was done....

Troy Larson (developer of WinFE) has created a cmd script to create a WinFE from Windows 8 RTM.  It is available for download in the widget to the right of this post, "Build_WindowsFE.cmd".

From Troy,

"Why use Windows 8 FE?

It will provide access to Windows 8 features, such as StorageSpaces.

It works well with X-Ways Forensics 16.7. It natively supports 4 KB sector hard drives.

It has support for other sorts of Windows 8 storage features, such as encrypted drives.

SAN Policy 4 (Offline internal)!"

Colin Ramsden's write protect script (for Winbuilder) and his Lite build of WinFE both work on Windows 8 machines too.  Windows (8) FE uses a new SAN Policy 4 registry setting.

Thanks to Troy, again.
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