If you are interested in some behind-the-scenes efforts of developing WinFE, take a look at the www.reboot.pro forum threads.  And if you want to give input on what you would like WinFE to do...the reboot.pro forum would be a good place to submit a suggestion or lend a hand in development.

If for nothing but curiosity, you can follow along in watching the developers of the WinFE discuss how they are working toward making the lightest, fastest, full-featured, minimal builds, multi-boot, easy-to-use,  and cool forensic tool around.

I'll continue to post the latest links and download information on this blog, because I know that time is usually non-existent, deadlines are always minutes away, your laptop (while at the airport or onsite) has eight programs running while you are replying to ten emails, and you just need to know where to download that latest WinFE building information.  So, that will be here.  But for when you have time at the side of the pool, browse www.reboot.pro to watch these guys improve WinFE as it happens.