There was a period when I enthusiastically participated in numerous conferences, workshops, and colleges as a guest speaker. It was a fantastic experience! However, my schedule has become considerably busier since then.


Regarding casework, I am highly selective, focusing on complex cases and only handling a few at a time. My rate for legal consultation is $500 per hour, with a retainer of $10,000. By limiting the number of cases, I ensure maximum dedication and availability, resulting in optimal outcomes. I exclusively cater to clients in the USA. Currently, my caseload is full, extending through 2024.

For peer-review assignments, I am open to inquiries. I regularly engage in peer-review work, which involves identifying errors, inaccuracies, and omissions in reports from opposing experts. My rate for peer-review services is $450 per hour, with a minimum of 5 hours.

Presentations and Keynotes

I am available for presentations, including keynote speeches, a few times per year. Typically, I plan my schedule well in advance. If you're interested in having me speak at your event, please reach out. My speaking fees generally range from $5,000 per day within the continental US (CONUS) to $15,000 per day outside the continental US (OCONUS), plus expenses (which are negotiable based on location and the event's nonprofit status).

Corporate Workshops & Training

For organizations interested in hosting workshops or seminars, please get in touch to discuss scheduling options. Workshops are tailored to suit the specific needs of your organization.

Writing and Ghostwriting

I'm currently working on two books, "Stepping into the Breach" and "Placing the Suspect Behind the Keyboard," with plans to publish them soon. Additionally, I'll be writing the 3rd edition of the X-Ways Forensics Practitioner's Guide in 2025/2026.

I no longer offer ghostwriting services. While I have previously ghostwritten one complete book and co-ghostwritten several others, I've decided to focus solely on writing under my own name and voice. Ghostwriting doesn't allow me to express my opinions and perspectives authentically.

Travel FAQs

I have experience presenting and working on cases in 32 states across the USA and in 8 countries spanning 3 continents. The only restriction is on traveling to countries currently involved in armed conflicts.